This page is a digest of translated information written on other pages in Japanese.

 Who we are

We are the Japanese private organization named Sexual Health Initiative, which conducts activities related to sexology and sexual health in Japanese.


- VISION (Worldview we want to achieve)

A world where everyone is happy to be who they are, rather than the way they were born to be being the reason for their difficulty in living.

- MSSION (the mission to realize the vision)

Update the social environment so that people can enjoy sexual health no matter where they go.


"Link-R" established as a private organization to address adolescent health

Since that time, we have been in charge of the secretariat for the World Sexual Health Day in Tokyo, which is proposed by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

Launching a project for parents' classes. Providing time for couples who are about to give birth to think about communication between them at local governments and obstetrics and gynecology hospitals. In the course of listening to adolescent junior and senior high school students, we felt the great influence of their parents from their childhood, which led us to start this project. (until 2019)

Web radio "After School Mood" started live streaming on Ustream Live every Wednesday at 23:00. (until 2015)

Opened a drop-in service center "CHICASIESTA co-ba Chofu" every Wednesday afternoon for adolescent people. (until 2016)

Reorganized "Link-R" to "Sexual Health Initiative" and its services was changed to what it is today.


We position each of our services as a concrete means to realize our vision and mission.

- Training

We now have a menu of "Attitude Training on Sexual Topics" for Interpersonal Assistance Professions. There are certain values and attitudes that need to be built upon in order to effectively apply the learning of "systematic knowledge" and "response skills" in the field. This is what the participants will learn in this training program.

- Events

Organize events, exhibit booths at some sexual health related events, or contract out the planning and management of events related to sexual health.

- Media

Running media services. We publish information about "sexual health" and "sexology" in Japanese. In particular, please take a look at "Sexual Health NAVI", a web media that writes about sexual health in Japanese!

- The Third Place

You may have the impression that sex education is something that young people receive at school, but learning about sexuality is a lifelong process. As we age, we gain a deeper and richer understanding of sexuality. We need opportunities for adults to learn even after they leave school. This project is designed to create opportunities for everyone to learn even after they have graduated from school.

 Further Information

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